Humans are social beings, and the opinions of those we trust can have a profound impact on our beliefs and behavior. This phenomenon is particularly evident when it comes to decision-making. When faced with a choice, people often turn to trusted friends, family members, or experts for guidance. With the growth of social media, the endorsements and opinions of influencers can significantly shape the choices of the people that follow them.

The power of trust and recommendation can be harnessed for good or bad. Thus, it is very important that influencer marketing is done in a genuine and authentic way, and that companies respect and nurture the trusted relationships they are building with their audience.

We are an influencer marketing agency for both creators and brands. We unite influencers and brands with authentic connections to gain credibility and positive impact. We help brands to achieve the new level of success by offering perfect influencer matches and full social media management service and expertise. The mission of Polte is to help companies and influencers to work together based on shared values to create authentic, engaging and impactful connections with their audience.

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Our influencer network is endless, because we actually work with any influencers available. Our vast niche-focused micro-influencer network captures the specific audiences and great engagement, while our next generation of superstars and strong creators will make sure to reach with volume.

We work directly with different creators of TikTok, Instagram and Youtube to deploy the most viral, memorable and driven campaigns for the brands. Our passion is to connect on emotional and psychological level, we want to create social media experiences that will be remembered. We believe genuine connections and agile & cost-efficient way of working is necessary to run effective marketing campaigns that brings concrete results.