Ambassador programs

We will find the perfect ambassadors for your product and manage a wide range of ambassador programs and teams on your behalf. We take care of everything, from identifying the right candidates to managing customized giveaway projects that can be further boosted with targeted paid advertisements.

Ambassador programs

Our influencer network is endless, because we actually work with any influencers available. Our vast niche-focused micro-influencer network captures the specific audiences and great engagement, while our next generation of superstars and strong creators will make sure to reach with volume.

We work directly with different creators of TikTok, Instagram and Youtube to deploy the most viral, memorable and driven campaigns for the brands. Our passion is to connect on emotional and psychological level, we want to create social media experiences that will be remembered. We believe genuine connections and agile & cost-efficient way of working is necessary to run effective marketing campaigns that brings concrete results.


Ambassador program management refers to the process of creating, managing, and optimizing a brand ambassador program. A brand ambassador program is a marketing strategy that involves selecting and partnering with individuals who promote a brand to their followers and networks. A successful ambassador program management is a process that requires careful planning, management, and evaluation. The program's effectiveness would depend on the quality of the communication with the ambassadors, the criteria for their selection, and the success metrics for measuring their impact. An effective ambassador program can help brands to build a loyal following and increase brand awareness. Below are some essential elements of ambassador program management:

1. Define the program's objectives: Establish clear goals and objectives for the ambassador program, such as increasing brand awareness or driving sales.

2. Identify and recruit ambassadors: Ambassadors can come from various spheres- employees, customers, industry experts or influencers. Establish criteria for selecting ambassadors, such as their expertise in the brand's industry or their level of audience engagement.

3. Develop a communication plan: Develop a communication plan to facilitate communication between the brand and its ambassadors. Communication on social media, branded content or email newsletters is essential to share product information or campaign materials or new initiatives for collaboration. Make sure that the communication channels conform to legal guidelines and have all necessary disclosures or acknowledgments.

4. Provide appropriate training and resources: Providing training and resources to help ambassadors promote the brand more effectively, such as product information, social media guidelines, and tips for creating effective content.

5. Monitor and evaluate performance: Monitoring ambassadors' performance and measuring the impact of the ambassador program are necessary to determine the success of the program. Key metrics can include metrics such as impressions, reach, engagements, conversions etc

6. Reward and incentivize participation: Reward and incentize participation to maintain high levels of engagement and support from ambassadors.

Ambassador programs
Ambassador programs