Social media management

At Polte, we are experts in creating and publishing social media content on behalf of our clients, and managing their social media platforms. Whether it's influencer-created content or original content, we ensure that it is on-brand and resonates with your target audience.

Social media management

Our influencer network is endless, because we actually work with any influencers available. Our vast niche-focused micro-influencer network captures the specific audiences and great engagement, while our next generation of superstars and strong creators will make sure to reach with volume.

We work directly with different creators of TikTok, Instagram and Youtube to deploy the most viral, memorable and driven campaigns for the brands. Our passion is to connect on emotional and psychological level, we want to create social media experiences that will be remembered. We believe genuine connections and agile & cost-efficient way of working is necessary to run effective marketing campaigns that brings concrete results.

You can outsource your social media management to us. Social media management service refers to the creation, curation, and management of social media content and communication on behalf of businesses or individuals. The primary aim of social media management services is to build a strong online presence, increase engagement with customers, and drive traffic to websites. Social media management services can ensure that a brand has a robust online presence, increased engagement, and a loyal customer base. It is an essential aspect of any modern-day marketing strategy, and companies that have invested in these services have witnessed a positive impact on their brand reputation and profitability.

An effective social media management service includes several key elements, including:

STRATEGY: The first step in social media management is to develop an effective strategy tailored to the brand's goals, target audience, and industry. The strategy should include objectives, deliverables, and specific tactics to achieve those objectives.

CONTENT CREATION AND CURATION: Content creation is a significant part of social media management. Content includes videos, graphics, and written posts, aimed at engaging followers and attracting new ones.

COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT: Effective social media management involves actively managing engagement from the audience, such as responding promptly to comments and messages, building relationships with influencers and advocates, and managing negative comments or feedback.

ANALYTICS AND REPORTING: Measuring the success of social media campaigns is an important part of social media management. Analytical tools like Google Analytics and other social media platforms provide insights into user behaviors and demographics, which helps to refine the social media strategy.

MONITORING: Regular monitoring of social media channels helps ensure that the brand's reputation is protected, and any negative feedback can be addressed promptly.

Social media management
Social media management